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  1. Can I accept payments or deposits for appointments booked online?

  2. Can I enter client appointments manually through Frederick?

  3. Can I exclude specific services or staff members from promotions?

  4. Can I make a service available only at certain times?

  5. Can I set up and manage Frederick on my smartphone or tablet?

  6. Can I use Frederick to book classes?

  7. Can I use online scheduling if I manage appointments in a paper calendar?

  8. Connecting to Frederick for the First Time

  9. Do I have to log in to Frederick to see appointments Frederick has booked for me?

  10. Feedback & Reviews

  11. Frederick's Status Page

  12. Getting Started with Packages & Memberships

  13. How do I add a Book Online button to my website?

  14. How do I get marketing recommendations?

  15. How do I insert a link to my booking site in my email signature?

  16. How do I publish a review?

  17. How do I set up a Boost campaign?

  18. How do I set up and manage appointment reminders?

  19. How do I set up Appointment Reminders?

  20. How do I set up Fill Slow Days?

  21. How do I set up Limited Time Specials

  22. How do I set up Reminder to Book Again?

  23. How do I set up Rescue Lost Customers?

  24. How do I setup Fill Last Minute Openings?

  25. How do I setup my referral program?

  26. How do Limited-time Specials work?

  27. How does Fill Last-Minute Openings work?

  28. How does Fill Slow Days work?

  29. How does Frederick sync with Google Calendar?

  30. How does Frederick track results?

  31. How does Reminder to Book Again work?

  32. How does Rescue Lost Customers work?

  33. I'm worried about spamming my clients with too many emails!

  34. Interpreting Your Results

  35. Is Frederick's online scheduling for Google Calendar really free?

  36. No Bookable Services - TouchSuite

  37. Packages & Memberships FAQ

  38. Spam & Privacy Concerns

  39. What happens once I enable one or all of the marketing features?

  40. Where can I find a list of my upcoming appointments?

  41. Why don't all of my services or classes in Mindbody show up in Frederick?

  42. Why don't Frederick emails send clients to my Mindbody booking site?

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