Interpreting Your Results

Interpreting Your Results

Your Frederick dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of your campaigns.  

New Appointments: The number of appointments that were booked by a client as a result of receiving a marketing communication from Frederick.

Estimated Revenue: The estimated revenue that can attributed Frederick's marketing campaigns. Estimated revenue takes into account the standard pricing of the service booked and any discounts applied, if known.

Rescued Clients: These are clients that have become dormant but have reengaged with your business as a result of Frederick's marketing campaigns. 

New Text Opt-ins:  This number reflects the customers that have specifically opted-in to receiving texts for promotional purposes.

Net Promoter Score©:  This number reflects the percent of customers who have given you a rating of 9 or 10 (promoters) minus the percent of customers who have given you a rating of 6 or lower.  Learn more here.

Feedback Responses:  This is the number of feedback responses your business has received.  They can be viewed by going to Reports -> Feedback & Reviews.

The pie chart allows you to quickly view all interactions your clients have with your marketing campaigns beyond simply opening them, including when clients:

  • express future interest
  • click through to view the offer details
  • subscribe to text promotions
  • ask to be reminded to book later
  • call your business after receiving a campaign
  • confirm an appointment after receiving a reminder

The graph at the bottom of the dashboard allows you to view at a glance what types of communications have been sent and when.  Green indicates emails and blue indicates texts. 

How does Frederick track that a customer booked an appointment as a result of a Frederick marketing campaign?

Frederick tracks appointments in three ways.  First, if an appointment is booked on, Frederick will attribute this appointment to its marketing campaigns.  Second, if the appointment was booked by a call that was placed to the trackable phone number that Frederick includes in all marketing campaigns sent out on behalf of your business.  Third, if an appointment was booked outside of Frederick (if clients call your regular business phone number or book through your online booking system). 

Frederick will only attribute new appointments that were booked within 14 days after a customer viewed a marketing campaign sent by Frederick.  To view the action the customer took and the communication that prompted this action, to can go to Reports -> Email History.  You can also view Text Message History and Appointments as well.

For example, in the image below, the fourth customer down the list received a Boost communication and then booked an appointment on

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