Connecting to Frederick for the First Time

What happens when I authorize Frederick to connect to my appointment book or management system?

Once you have authorized the connection, we will begin importing information from your appointment book or management system that helps Frederick optimize your marketing automatically. This includes information such as your clients' contact information, appointment history and your business' availability.

Will Frederick send campaigns before I have had a chance to review the content?Frederick always lets you review recommended campaigns and configure your preferences before anything gets sent out. All campaign types also include the ability to preview the communication or send yourself a test campaign.

What happens once I enable one or all of the marketing features?

Once you turn on a marketing feature (such as Fill Last Minute Openings or Reminder to Book Again), Frederick will scan your appointment book on a regular basis to determine when to send campaigns out and to what customers. Some clients will receive emails right away, while others may get emails later on or not at all.  
Don't worry, even if you enable every marketing feature Frederick offers, we'll automatically optimize what Frederick sends out so that clients receive the right offers at the right time.

How does Frederick decide which clients should be sent campaigns? 

Frederick's marketing intelligence engine automatically determines which clients should be sent a campaign at any given time, while also taking into consideration any preferences you specified for your business when setting up your account. For example, you can choose to only send promotional campaigns to clients who haven't been back to your business in a given period of time or who don't have an active package or membership with your business. You can learn more about some of the available settings at (Smart Marketing -> Discount Settings).

How often will my customers get a communication from Frederick per month?

The frequency of communication depends on a variety of factors, but generally speaking, each individual client will receive a maximum of 3 communications from Frederick each month.

Can you tell me more about how you text my customers?

Your customers will never receive a promotional text unless they specifically reply to the first text they receive with a Y (for yes).  The first text they receive will only ask them if they would like to opt-in to receiving promotional texts.  The default settings (Smart Marketing -> Text Opt-in) are set so that an opt-in text will be sent to customers up to 7 days after their last visit to your business.  

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