Spam & Privacy Concerns

Why does Frederick need access to my business data (i.e. customers, appointment history)?

Frederick is a fully automated, data-driven marketing platform.  It looks at your appointment history, future appointments and availability to intelligently decide which of your customers are most likely to book again if sent the right promotion or communication. By having access to your business data, Frederick can automatically help you grow your business.  

How do I know my business data is secure?

We always use SSL security and other best practices to safeguard your information. We have a team dedicated to keeping your information secure. 

What happens once I grant access to my business data?

When you grant access to your business data, your appointment history and contact list will be imported into your Frederick account within 1 one business day.  If campaigns have been enabled, emails will begin sending to your customers in accordance with your settings and Frederick's marketing algorithms.   For texts, your customers will never receive a promotional text unless they specifically reply to the first text they receive with a Y (for yes).  The first text they receive will only ask them if they would like to opt-in to receiving promotional texts.  The default settings (Smart Marketing -> Text Opt-in) are set so that an opt-in text will be sent to customers up to 7 days after the last visit.  

Will Frederick spam my customers?

No spam here! We'll never blast your entire list. Each email is trickled out to select clients that have already expressed interest or are likely to be interested in these types of offers. Clients can update their preferences or unsubscribe at any time.  Generally speaking, Frederick will send a maximum of 3 marketing emails or texts per month to an individual client who hasn't been back in a while, unless they directly express interest in receiving additional offers or reminders. Many clients will receive less than 3 marketing communications per month and some will receive none at all.  At any time you can manually unsubscribe your customers from receiving emails or texts (Contacts -> Actions -> check Email Unsubscribe and check Text Unsubscribe)

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