How do I set up and manage appointment reminders?

Here's some answers to frequently asked questions about appointment reminders:

How do I turn on appointment reminders? 
From the Frederick dashboard, click the on/off switch in the Appointment Reminder window to turn on reminders.

What happens after I turn reminders on? 
Once reminders are enabled, your clients will receive a reminder email 72 hours and 24 hours before their appointment. No action is required by your clients, they'll just receive the reminders as a courtesy.

Do reminders work for clients that don't book through Frederick?
They sure do! In addition to clients who book online, Frederick will send appointment reminders to all clients in your appointment book as long as the client has been added as an attendee. How to do this varies by calendar system.

For Google Calendar:
Frederick will only send appointment reminders for events where you have entered the client's email address on the event using the "Add Guests" field in Google Calendar. If you don't add the email address, Frederick won't know where to send the reminder. For detailed instructions on how to add guests to a calendar event, click here

After you add your client's email address to the event, Google will ask "Do you want to send invitations to guests?". Simply click "Don't Send", and you're good to go. Your clients will not receive an email from Google, but will receive reminders from Frederick before their appointment.

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